Everyone knows that it is difficult to predict anything. But predicting the future of aviation is even harder. In December 1903 an editorial in The New York Times confidently explained the issues with humans flying:

“Hence, if it requires, say, a thousand years to fit for easy flight a bird which started with rudimentary wings, or ten thousand for one which started with no wings at all and had to sprout them ab initio, it might be assumed that the flying machine which will really fly might be evolved by the combined and continuous efforts of mathematicians and mechanicians in from one million to ten million years – provided, of course, we can meanwhile eliminate such little drawbacks and embarrassments as the existing relation between weight and strength in inorganic materials.”

Nine days later the Wright Brothers took off at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Despite this – and many other failed forecasts – this issue is very much dedicated to the future. We have identified the four megatrends driving the market – the environment, flight as a service, The Fourth Aviation Revolution, and the age of experiences. We think these will drive much of the change in the next decade.

If you are looking for new aircraft, we have Bombardier’s Global 6500 and Textron Aviation’s Cessna Citation Longitude. We also have another amazing aircraft family – this time the Kilkeary family that runs L.J. Aviation – and a day in the life with Dawit Lemma, the man leading business aviation in Ethiopia.

We hope this issue will help inspire you for at least the next decade.

Time definitely seems to be moving fast – it only seems a few years ago that we were celebrating the Millennium. We are now almost a quarter through the 21st century.

Despite that scary thought, I wish you all a happy, healthy and fun Roaring Twenties!


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Market view: Goodbye to a disappointing decade – Why the 2010s were lost for manufacturers

Aircraft family: Kilkeary – How the Kilkeary family is continuing to build L. J. Aviation’s fleet of 40 plus business jets

Day in the Life: Dawit Lemma, aka King Krimson – Every day is a busy day in the office or on the ramp for Dawit Lemma founder of Ethiopia’s Krimson Aviation


First look: Cessna Citation Longitude – Cessna’s largest aircraft; so far; has also proved to be its quietest

First look: Bombardier Global 6500 – Introducing the latest addition to Bombardier’s 800-plus selling Global family

Jet Data – Buying a business jet? Here are the numbers


Megatrends making the market: Four top trends are shaping the future of business aviation. We explore: The age of experiences, Flight as a service, Environmental impacts and the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Valuing the valuers – Technology has improved access to aircraft valuation guides. But sourcing the hard numbers that matter is still no easy task

Brought to book – David Dixon recalls his 47 years of selling planes in his new memoir

Explore – How Hamish Harding and son Giles flew to the South Pole to highlight the problems of malaria


Buyers’ guide: Heavy helicopters – Why now is the time to get a bargain from OEMs and pre-owned sellers

Insight: An inspector calls – What to expect when a registry inspector calls to survey your business jet


Report: CJI Miami Conference 2019

75% of delegates were either optimistic or very optimistic about the prospects for business aviation in 2020

Report: CJI Revolution.Aero 2019

Electric flight and virtual reality were just two of the key themes at our San Francisco conference.

Cover image: Embraer’s Pulse – Their vision for 2069

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