THE LAST QUARTER of the year was an exciting one. We saw record transactions and flights. It was also a chance to reconnect. We had record attendance at Corporate Jet Investor Miami and the buzz was amazing. The dealmaker community has had few chances to be together since early 2020 and it was fantastic to see everyone.

Omicron obviously delayed some plans in December and early January but now there is a genuine feeling that things may be changing. (I am not going further than that for fear of tempting fate).

There has been a lot of talk about the world returning to normal, but that has not happened in business aviation. In much of the world the industry has bounced back much stronger. Less than 3% of the pre-owned fleet is for sale.

All the business jet manufacturers are well positioned for this post-pandemic boost. But it is also a great market to deliver a new aircraft. In this issue, we look at Gulfstream’s G700 which will start being delivered this year. Manufacturers always get more interest from customers when a new aircraft goes into service and the G700 is coming into a very hot market.

As always, we focus on planes, people and passion. Other features look at cabin completions, Flapper’s Paul Malicki and much more.

While our journalists have been busy writing, our conference team is working on Corporate Jet Investor London 2022 and other events coming up this year. It has been amazing keeping up with everyone virtually, but we are so looking forward to seeing so many people face-to-face again.


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Day in the life: Runway to The White House – Gregg Brunson-Pitts, founder and CEO of Advanced Aviation Team, organises presidential campaign flights and other executive missions. Here’s his busy working day.


Picture this: CityAirbus NextGen is helping to bring back sexy to the air taxi revolution. Sporting fixed wings and V-shaped tail, this eVTOL has a range of over 50 miles.

Picture this: Beechcraft Denali (Wind) Tunnel vision on the Denali prop. It’s wind tunnel test time for McCauley’s new five-bladed prop, which graces the new Beechcraft Denali.

Jet Data: From aircraft performance and engines to cabin size and list price, we provide all the key numbers.


First Look: Gulfstream G700 – We talk to Gulfstream president Mark Burns about the aircraft that is already smashing city-pair speed records while aiming to deliver the height of airborne luxury. It carries a $75m price tag.


Connectivity: ‘A game changer.’ Our connectivity survey, conducted in partnership with Inmarsat, explores all the latest top trends in communications aboard private jets.


Flapper: Spreads its wings – CEO Paul Malicki explains why the company is poised for international expansion.

Superior interior – Cabin completions aim to deliver those last finishing touches to ensure airbourne luxury.

Stratospheric ambition – Solar explorer Raphaël Domjan dreams of piloting his solar-powered plane to the stratosphere. We suit up to follow him to the edge of space.


Report: CJI Miami 2021 – “This is the uppest of up markets we have ever seen,” said one speaker. Over 500 delegates joined him at our Miami Beach conference.

Report: CJI Asia 2021 – Optimism was in the air at our virtual conference probing business aviation prospects. (Snakes on a plane also got a mention).

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