Edition 2 | Q2 2019

Louisa Whyte

Managing Director,

Corporate Jet Investor

As You Like It

FORGET THE old joke about the Englishman, the Scotsman and the Irishman. Do you know the one about the retired Formula-One Driver, the past brewer and the former Hollywood Movie Producer who walked into a bar? It was a Corporate Jet Investor cocktail.

One of the things that makes business aviation so exciting is how varied the customers and the people in the industry are. This issue looks at how Thierry Boutsen, Jay Mesinger and Bill Papariella are each trying to reshape transactions. With Jet Edge blurring the boundaries between operating aircraft and dealing in aircraft.

We have some fantastic pictures of the new Cirrus Vision G2 and some of the exciting new electric Vertical Take-off and Landing models that are flying – and in certification now. There is a lot of hype about this sector, but some of it is well-deserved.

Although many people outside the industry focus on its glamorous side, anyone who has flown on a corporate aircraft knows what a fantastic business tool it can be. Unfortunately, criminals also recognise this too. As our special report shows, everyone needs to be aware of the risks.

We are not quite sure how it happened, but this has ended up being our first Shakespearean-themed business aviation magazine (if you haven’t spotted this, please say the “Merchant of Van Nuys” quickly) and there are a few other nods to the Bard of Avon inside. This issue also features a lot of dogs (obviously crucial members of any business aviation team).

Please let us know if there are themes you would like us to cover in the future. As always, we’re really keen to receive any feedback or suggestions for the magazine. Our aim is to connect people and ideas, so for this issue we have contact details to some of the articles. We would love to know if you find that useful.

In the coming months we hope to see you at EBACE, CJI Singapore, or later in the year at our Aircraft Transaction Masterclass, NBAA, CJI Miami or Revolution. Aero – our US aviation tech event. Our team is busy working on these now.

Until then ….

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