Cirrus Vision G2 First Look

Don’t let its size fool you – the G2 is a true contender as it looks to secure the Minnesotan-based manufacturer as the undisputed leader in the personal jet market.

UNLIKE THE grand and opulent unveilings some new aircraft receive, the Cirrus Vision Jet G2’s announcement came as a quiet yet welcome surprise in early January 2019.

The ‘original’ Vision Jet pioneered the personal jet market and won the 2017 Collier Trophy - proving its success and popularity, particularly with owner-pilots. In fact, the Vision Jet was the most delivered private jet in 2018 with 63 deliveries according to the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA).

But Cirrus is not resting on it laurels, with the G2 (Generation 2) building on its predecessor’s success in the personal jet sector. Simply put, the G2 can fly faster, further and higher than its illustrious predecessor.

An increase in maximum operating altitude to 31,000ft allows for a more fuel-efficient cruise and makes weatherrelated detours less likely. It also allows access to Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM) flight levels where only 1,000ft of vertical separation is needed between aircraft, not the standard 2,000ft. This opens up more flight levels and helps push the G2’s maximum range to around 1,200 nautical miles.

Cirrus says that on a typical mission, the G2 can carry an additional 150lbs on an 800 nautical mile flight (slightly less than the weight of an average American male). The speed increase is thanks to the tweaking of the singular, roof mounted Williams International engine – allowing it to produce more thrust at higher flight levels.

As a personal jet, the Vision Jet G2 will never win at most of the traditional ‘Top Trumps’ categories such as speed, range and payload. However, there is one category in which the G2 truly trumps every other new jet – price.

The base price for the G2 is $2.38 million, but for a fully equpped aircraft, including all options, would be $2.95 million. This also includes two years of Cirrus’ JetStream Concierge maintenance cover. And with operating costs comparable to those of turboprop aircraft, the Vision Jet G2 represents an outstanding value proposition. Financing for such an amount is typically difficult to obtain, but Cirrus Finance - a Cirrus subsidiary - can help fund the purchase. Clearly there is a serious commitment by the OEM to lower the barriers to entry of jet ownership, especially for current Cirrus owners looking to move up the ladder.

With power outlets and a dropdown screen, the cabin amenities are akin to jets with larger cabins.

The cabin has also seen upgrades, most notably the addition of an overhead monitor, USB ports, power outlets and noisereduction technology. But where the G2 really excels is in the ability to quickly change the cabin configuration. A modular design allows for additional seats to be added or removed easily, with Cirrus claiming there are over 25 different configurations to choose from, including an executive configuration with just two seats and a centre console.

But not everything has changed. The distinctive V-tail design and the associated fascination with seeing such a unique aircraft still remains strong. If you want ramp presence on a budget, look no further.

Matt Taylor, Reporter, Corporate Jet Investor