FLEXJET OPENED ITS UK offices in October 2019 with a party. It was the week before NBAA-BACE 2019, a busy time for everyone in the industry. Especially manufacturers. But it was no surprise that Mark Burns, President of Gulfstream; Michael Amalfitano, President of Embraer Executive Jets; and Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Vice President and general manager of the Customer Experience team at Bombardier Aviation were all on the guest list. All had found time to fly over the Atlantic to pop in. Two weeks later Flexjet repaid the visit with a series of orders.

This issue we focus on Directional Aviation – Flexjet’s parent – and its founder Kenn Ricci. Few businesses have the reach of Directional – its 14 different companies cover fractionals, jet cards, charter, maintenance, remanufacturing, air ambulances and more. In this in-depth interview, Ricci explains how he manages this range and why he is now looking to launch a listed vehicle (we managed to speak just before the stock market quiet period started).

One of the areas Ricci has been focussing on for a number of years is business jet technology. So, we hope he enjoys our feature on how new data technology is cutting costs and improving efficiency.

We also have an in-depth feature looking at how to get the best taste at altitude; first looks at the PC-12 NGX and the Embraer-Porsche Duet; a guide to why Malta is one of Europe’s fastest growing jurisdictions; and much more.

This is our last issue of 2020 – a remarkable year. And we would like to end by thanking all our readers, sponsors and advertisers for their support. It was not the year we, or anyone, were expecting. But thanks so much for being there.


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Market view: Drive a great deal (and fly it too) – Embraer and Porsche are on song with their Duet supercar/private jet package offer.

Day in the Life: Suzanne Meiners-Levy – Advocate Consulting Legal Group. The lawyer who divides her time between running an aviation law firm, pro-bono legal work and family life. Just don't ask about breakfast.


First look: Pilatus PC-12 NGX – How the Swiss Army knife of the air, the PC-12 range, became a little sharper with the launch of the NGX model.


Origins of a business aviation empire: How Kenn Ricci built the monolithic Directional Aviation, which spans 14 different companies, over the past four decades.


Me and my business jetWhy The Flying Bulls captain Ludwig Reiter loves the HondaJet Elite HA-420. And where he would like to fly it this weekend (and with whom).

Food with altitudeFine dining on a business jet requires a smattering of science, a helping of art and a full measure of technology. Plus inspiration from a dead Catalan architect.


Maintenance matters: The latest information technology is delivering improved transparency for owners – particularly over maintenance costs.

Malta Story: The Malta AOC jurisdiction has grown from just a handful 10 years ago to more than 40 now by striking a delicate balance.

Tech my rideHow new technology is cutting business aviation costs and improving efficiency.


Report: CJI Middle East & Africa 2020

Coping with the “Now Normal” of business aviation occupied the minds of 250 VIP delegates during nearly 10 hours of content.

Report: CJI Asia 2020

500 VIP delegates gathered online to search for light beyond the Covid-19 storm (and found it).

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